Brackets are designed on
the basis
of MRI images and jaw
digital models of
a particular patient.
Our system
individual parameters
of the bracket base
and an
individual prescription of torque and angulation.

3D Modelling

We precisely predict

the treatment process

with the help of our special

Root movement
and the position
of the TMJ components are taken into



Individualized brackets are created based on CBCT data and digital models of a particular patient. Our system has custom parameters of the bracket base, torque and angulation.


The FitFree bracket system is made of a medical grade nickel-free CoCr alloy. Transfer trays for indirect bonding are manufactured from biocompatible plastic.

placement precision

The use of predesigned transfer trays for indirect bonding allows for precise bracket placement at a given distance from the occlusal surface of a tooth.

Nickel-free metal FitFree brackets with a metal ligating mechanism and an individual prescription for every patient.

Slot surface microbumps reduce friction and prevent wire binding even when using full size .021″ х .025″ wires.

A true straight-wire technique. Precise and fast tooth movement.
Don't contain
Press +
for getting detailed
informatiom about brackets.


Prior to fulfilling your order
we create
a setup - a virtual
model of treatment.
approve the setup with
the patient.
Then we design
and manufacture brackets
transfer trays.
Thanks to digital
you can visualize the end result

before treatment.

against breakage

It applies to all the metal items

throughout treatment.

Debonded or lost brackets

are recreated from the
saved files.


Your ordered brackets
will be manufactured in 14 days,
it's 4 times faster
than its analogue.

in Russia

Orders are delivered in Russia
by courier services.
Orders in Moscow are delivered
by our own couriers.

Easy-to-use trasfer trays
for indirect bonding

Biocompatible material allowing
for even initial light-curing.
The final light-curing occurs
thanks to light ducts in the area
of each bracket in the transfer trays. After light-curing the trays
are easy to remove.
30% less

The levelling stage
is reduced

Due to unique
applied in manufacturing
of the brackets and their slots

the total treatment time is 30% less.

A handy mobile app
and your personal
working area on the website

We offer to use your
working area on our website
and a handy mobile app

for coordinating your
order, including
its status and

3D visualisation.

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for your clinic for using
the FitFree bracket system
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About UsAbout Us

FitFree bracket systems
are fabricated at the ORTODEPO
laboratory which belongs to
the PUMPA Group of Companies.
The laboratory has
for making orthodontic products
and for the FitFree Technology.
Patented FitFree
We've been working
in orthodontics
since 1990.


Our production facility has
German, Spanish and Russian
equipment. The manuracturing
process incorporates medern
CAD/CAM technologoes.


For creating a virtual treatment model we use the same software as at Boeing plants.

orthodontists say

Anastasia Glazova

Dentist, Orthodontist

Anna Kalinina

Ph.D, Dentist, Orthodontist

Aleksei Lemeshev

Dentist, Orthodontist

Alexei Milchenko

Dentist, Orthodontist, Prosthodontist

Svetlana Proskokova

Professor, M.D., Orthodontist

Pavel Chervony

Dentist, Orthodontist

Anastasia Shevtsova

Dentist, Orthodontist
So far, I have placed just two individualized FitFree bracket systems. I noticed several of their key features.

First, this system is very convenient when the brackets arrive in sectioned transfer trays. It allows to bond several brackets at a time without any extra effort. The bonding time has gone down in half because I didn’t have to spend time positioning brackets. The only thing you have to do is to press them tight to the teeth. It’s comfortable for the patients because a minimal number of items are present in the mouth during the procedure.

Second, I liked that every bracket had its own form and thickness and for this reason levelling was much faster compared to conventional brackets. Teeth move without any problems the slot delivers all its values.
And, of course, small things should also be mentioned – brackets come in black boxes, and wires in a box with a ribbon - perfect☝😂.
This individualized bracket system allows to select torque and angulation and the bracket size exclusively for each patient. Thanks to CAD/CAM technologies it is possible to perform 3D modeling of treatment and to assess the position of tooth roots and, if necessary, to change the values of the brackets. Indirect bonding allows to avoid mistakes in positioning which in itself reduces treatment time. But as any other system,
it doesn’t work by itself! Quality diagnosis, knowledge and the clinician’s experience together with new technologies are key to a healthy and beautiful smile of your patient and the system is several times faster
than with the traditional technique!
Planning is the main advantage for me. After the patient’s diagnosis, a plan of tooth movement is developed and sent to the lab. Then follow visualization, discussion with the patient and his or her approval.
The individual characteristics of any bracket which are based on the preplanned result (torque, angulation, in/out) allow to carry out quick leveling, reduce the individualization stage and finish treatment earlier.
Individualized treatment is the next step in the development of orthodontic treatment.
Several months ago, I received an offer from the Pumpa company to try new individualized brackets of their own design and I agreed with pleasure. After conducting all the necessary diagnostic procedures, the appliance was delivered to me 10-12 days later in a very beautifully arranged stylish black box. The transfer trays for indirect bonding fitted the teeth perfectly (it is very convenient that the transfer trays are sectioned and it makes bonding easier). Brackets fit very snugly to the tooth surface, especially on the first molars, allowing to use a minimal layer of the adhesive. The bracket wings have an optimal size for secure placing of both elastic and metal ligatures and, if necessary, it’s very easy to attach a chain. Currently, the patient is at the stage of rectangular elastic wires (.017x.025) in both jaws and the brackets deliver all their values very well.
When choosing appliances for a patient, I always prefer an individual approach depending on the clinical situation but unfortunately nowadays we all work with mass produced brackets with preadjusted orthodontic values. The appearance of the individualized FitFree bracket system gave me the opportunity to achieve ideal esthetic and functional treatment results in a shorter time. The patient sees a model of her or his smile at the treatment planning stage, the brackets are made with individual torque and tip with the help of CAD/CAM technologies. The bonding procedure is carried out with transfer trays which ensure accurate bracket positioning on the teeth and reduce its duration. In case a bracket debonds, it is always possible to order its duplicate. And there is one more advantage in working with this appliance - you don’t have to spend extra time during detailing as the brackets have individual characteristics so that in the end the teeth would assume their predetermined position.
Orders are fulfilled in the agreed time, the lab is always there for you, lab employees are quick to answer your questions. Brackets and wires come in impressive packaging, it’s a pleasure to show it to the patient. The transfer trays are made of plastic material and are seated nicely on the teeth. Brackets are small and well-polished. My patient came for a second round of treatment and in her opinion the new brackets are more comfortable than the previous ones (the brand of the previous brackets is not known).
I was surprised by the speed with which these brackets work and the ease of using the indirect bonding transfer trays. After the aligning was over, a superimposition of the obtained scans and the initial setup was performed. The match was nearly complete. It’s very pleasant when your expectations and the reality coincide)
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